Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Family photos

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Father of two

With the arrival of Eli we were not sure how our lives would change. While it does not seems to different at the moment I know that in fact God is easing us into to slowly. Eli has been a great little man, he very well tempered and so handsome. Slowly he has become more and more fussy but it does not seem as bad because it has been a slow progression to its current noise level (I know its only getting worse). God has also given us our sweet little lady, Emma Grace. She has been a big helper with laundry, dipper disposal and other small errands. Today for the second day in a row she has slept on a mat at work, which is a way of God getting her ready to give up her crib to her brother in a few months. Thank you God for the amazing ways that you work!!
Sarah of course has the raw in of the deal since breast feeding is one of a very few things that make Eli happy. She spends a lot of time with him during the night feeding him, while I wake up periodically to groan and help with a dipper change (sometimes). Sarah is in fact my favorite super hero. What other super hero is as beautiful and sweet as Sarah, but also can make milk, and calm a grumpy man (or 2 men to be exact). I love you Sarah!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eli James Parks

Welcome to the world little man!!

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Life in NOLA continues

We moved again (2nd time in NOLA) and no longer live on magazine street. Sad I know. We are now the night staff at the.Baptist friendship house. Sarah, Emma and I are loving it! We get to hang out with cool people and minister in our city. We are coming up on our 3rd year in NOLA, and praise GOD for providing us with good jobs and great friends. But we miss our family and friends on SC too. Our solution is for them all to move here, or buy a jet that comes from SC to NOLA every Friday, and leaves on Sunday,so we can always have our friends and family! Our little Eli (spell check suggested Elk) will be here in three short months. Scary but exciting. We will have as many kids as our parents. Woah are we getting old or what!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sorry Emma, but everyone has to sit on Santa at least once :c).

Monday, October 19, 2009


Sooo…Its been a while!! Sarah and I decided that we have not been posting as much as we used to because we both feel like our lives are very mundane right now. So I thought that maybe we could let other people be the judge of whether or not our lives are to mundane to blog about.

Emma is becoming quite a little fussy lady. She loves to get her way, and loves to scream if she doesn’t. She is starting to catch on that her older friends, 18- 2yr’s, at “school” can get their way by pushing other kids out of the way, grabbing toys, and screaming. So she is starting to try these new strategies to the dismay of her Mom and Dad. We have adopted a word for these behaviors from our wonderful English office manager, Naughty. It seems to fit.

Sarah is doing well with her pregnancy, or so she says. I don’t think that throwing up most mornings, not being able to look at, or smell, foods my child is about to eat, and having “tummy” pains all the time constitutes doing well. Maybe I’m just a complainer and Sarah is just the sweetest, strongest pregnancy trooper I’ve met.

Me, well this week I have cut my self several times, burned myself twice, and gotten an electrical shock from working with wires twice. Normal week :c).

Sarah’s Mom and Aunt Kay came into town this weekend to visit Emma. We have hit up the Quarter, Café Maspero, Café du Monde, a pumpkin patch, Buds Broiler, drove to the west bank by ferry, and visited Oak Alley Plantation for an Arts and Crafts Show. And I hear that today Johnny’s Po Boys will provide lunch.

Overall Sarah, Emma, and I are loving our mundane life her in New Orleans, but missing our family and friends in South Carolina.

On a Sport note, we are Ultra Proud of our Saints for going 5-0, glad the Panthers have won 2 in row, proud of how well the Gamecocks are doing, and hoping the Tigers (of Clemson) keep on winning.